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Ice Melt


ComboTherm Ice MeltThe Power of Calcium Chloride in an Economical Blend
Use the fastest, most effective ice-melting blend available to clear steps, side-walks, driveways and parking lots. Commercial Strenght Blended Deicer. It releases heat on contact, accelerateing the melting process. A unique composition makes it an economical alternative to premium ice melters for maintenance professsionals and property managers.

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Dowflake Logo

Dowflake Ice MeltExtra Performance That Goes the Extra Mile
For more than 100 years, Dow calcium chloride products have set the standard for dust control on roadways, service roads, parking lots, cart paths and walkways. Maintenance professionals rely on Dow's calcium chloride to make unpaved surfaces safer, cleaner and stronger, resulting in lower total maintenance costs and fewer complaints related to dust problems.

DOWFLAKE Xtra Ice Melt
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Earth Guard Logo

earth guard natural ice meltAll Natural Ice Melter
As environmental awareness sweeps the globe, people in all walks of life are looking for ways to effectively implement a greener philosophy at work and at home. From formal corporate initiatives to individual acts of responsibility, substituting EarthGuard. All Natural Ice Melter for other, more harmfull ice melting blends, is an intelligent, eco-conscious choice that can help improve the world in which we live.

EarthGuard Ice Melt
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Ice Melt

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Mr. Magic

mr magic ice meltThis unique formulation outpreforms other ice melters
Mr. Magic ice melter is a proprietary formulation of potassium chloride (a fertilizer), calcium chloride, magnesium chloride and sodium chloride. The product is coated with calcium magnesium acetate (CMA). Mr. Magic will melt more snow and ice than most other products.It works faster and down to -25, a temperature whem most other products have stopped working.

Mr. Magic Ice Melt
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Peladow Logo

Peladow Ice MeltThe Heat Is On
Put the heat on snow and ice with PELADOW Calcium Chloride Pellets. Comparative preformace tests and scientific research prove that it's the premier choice for melting snow and ice. With is fast melting anction and cold-temperature preformance, PELADOW is easily distinguished from other ice melters.

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Safer Than Salt logo

Safer than Salt ice meltUnique formulation outperforms other ice melters.
Safer than Salt Commercial Ice Melter is a proprietary formulation of potassium chloride (a fertilizer), calcium chloride, magnesium chloride and sodium chloride. The product is coated with a liquide magnesium chloride / CMA mixture to help "jump start" the melting process. Safter than Salt Commercial Ice Melter will melt mroe snow and ice than most other producst.It works faster and at temperatures whem many other prducst have stopped working.

Safer than Salt Ice Melt
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Cargill Winter MeltThe Ice Melt Standard™
Winter Melt® ice melter may be used to remove snow and ice from concrete sidewalks, parking lots and asphalt surfaces.

Cargill Winter Melt
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