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Disinfecting: Super Tabs

  • Three-inch (7 oz/200 gm), individually packaged, concentrated chlorinating tablets are our biggest sellers in the category
  • 90 percent available chlorine
  • Stabilized with a built-in sunscreen to prevent burn-off caused by ultra-violet rays
  • Simply place the slow-dissolving, three-inch tablets in the pool skimmer or automatic chlorinator

Disinfecting: Mini-Tabs

  • One-inch (20 gm) stabilized concentrated chlorinating tablets are ideal for use in automatic chlorinators
  • 90 percent available chlorine
  • Stabilized with built-in sunscreen protection keeps the chlorine working effectively throughout the hottest days

Disinfecting: Pool Shock

  • Pool Shock disinfects and rids pool water of contaminants like perspiration, suntan oil and hair spray that reduce the effectiveness of chlorine
  • Regular use prevents algae growth, cloudy water and eye irritation
  • Calcium Hypochlorite; 65% available chlorine; does not contain stabilizer

Balancing: Alka-Plus

  • Stabilizes pH to help the chlorine in pool water work more efficiently
  • Alka-Plus raises the total alkalinity of pool water to prevent corrosion that can be caused by low total alkalinity
  • Completely soluble and easy to use – simply broadcast over the water

Balancing: Cal-Plus

  • Cal-Plus provides an easy and eff ective way to safely raise the calcium hardness of swimming pool water, preventing corrosion of metal equipment and etching of plaster and leaching of grout
  • Cal-Plus is completely soluble, pH neutral and it is safe to swim immediately after application
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